Synergizing Networks As Inclusive Learning

慈善電影: 媽媽,我有一條了不起的神經!


《媽媽,我有一條了不起的神經!》 由一批有心人聯同本港各大學和眾多非政府組織的志願者(教職員和學生)合作,以感性的角度,拍下新寫實主義的文化尋覓紀錄片。

本片邀請了多位大學院長、教授、跨界別的專家、學者、社福界、新媒體學者,創新技術和 人工智能等業界資深人士協助拍攝,藉此對香港特殊學習需要的學童作出一次的感知探索體驗。

Charity Film: The Normal Exceptional…

The Charity Film “The Normal Exceptional…” is a documentary film made by passionate volunteers from different universities and NGOs (faculties and students). The documentary depicts the search of autism from a sentimental and neo-realism way.

Other than the volunteers from universities and NGOs, professionals with different areas of expertise, such as scholars of humanity, experts in innovative technology and artificial intelligence have also supported the production of this documentary. Providing them with a chance to dive deep into the journey of understanding autistic children in Hong Kong over years.

The highly intelligent performance of autistic children in the documentary will sure be an eye-opening experience for the audience, including those who are engaged in education and gifted education.

“The Normal Exceptional…” is a must-see for dedicated educators, parents and educators of children with Special Education Needs.